How, over time, can we grow them into core customers? It ensures that you can move your laptop around without worrying about knocking the DAC out of the port or damaging it. This happens more with the Explorer 2 because it comes with a shorter cable, but it’s more of a problem when it happens with the Groove, with its rubber base and control buttons on top. For Clear and refined sound Subtle detail and precise timing Engaging performance Elegant and portable design Plays kHz files natively. Recording of June The Meridian Explorer ticks all the right boxes for its portable design. The sounds were different; neither was a clear winner.

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What Hi-Fi?

How the Future Would Be. Submitted by nicoch on August 31, – 8: There are no volume buttons or dials on the DAC itself: Here, however, the slight distinction definitely favored the Meridian: I rxplorer amended the text accordingly.

Let’s hope that on both the hardware manufacturers and music distribution side it doesn’t suffer from the NIH syndrome. Physically, the Explorer 2 and the Groove are somewhat different: I needed some cheering up. Most-Read Reviews Last 5 Years.


SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – Meridian Explorer USB Digital-to-Analog Converter

Recording of June Power comes from the USB connection — no outboard power supply is needed. Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Naturally, the Meridian succeeds in its primary objective: It was still hot, but the loneliness had passed, and I was happy.

Thank you for the correction, guys. Not only is there a 3.

Counterpoint DA digital processor. Bonus Recording of November Sonic images were bigger in every direction than the AQ DragonFly could manage.

Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. Most of the improvement was in the midrange and higher, where clarity and transients were stellar.

Ken Forsythe relates this, too, to the company’s efforts at “building their brand,” so that new customers might someday step up to Meridian’s more expensive gear: When I think of British digital electronics, the first name that comes to mind is Meridian. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2.

Meridian Explorer USB DAC

It tucks a digital-to-analogue converter and a headphone amplifier into a device no bigger than a USB stick. I was looking forward to read little more about your MQA listening impressions.

In retrospect, given how little this changed its sound, the new converter didn’t particularly need it, but I nevertheless enjoyed the time I spent using it to hear my favorite Internet radio stations, during which casual listening the Explorer’s tonal balance and spatial presentation were almost indistinguishable from those of the similarly priced and sized AudioQuest DragonFly.


Connections are housed at either end of the cylinder, and are fitted with black plastic end caps.

Meridian Explorer2 D/A headphone amplifier |

It always worked, and it always made nice music. This second output doubles up as both an analogue and a digital optical output. Recording of October The noise floor remained very quiet, allowing all sorts of keridian textures and variations in transients to be audible and nuanced. I was helped to that early conclusion by the fact that the two devices are also very similar in apparent output voltage.

Recording of January Tonally, the Explorer supplies smooth touches of analog-like warmth and fluidity. DACs – everything you need to know.