Client limit exceeded Cause: If the file already exists, specify a different file name. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. If the log level is set to debug, the thread number is written to the log file when a new client connects to the Oracle Database Cache management engine. For lists of the prefixes used by other Oracle products, see Oracle8i Error Messages. Creating a User who is Authenticated by the Operating System The following statement creates a user who is identified by Oracle and authenticated by the operating system or a network service. Another administrator may have dropped the table from the cache.

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Verify that the service name is correct. If there is insufficient disk space, specify a directory on a different disk or delete unneeded files from the current disk.

Mapinfo Oracle Oci Database Driver –

Check that the user who started the Oracle Database Cache management engine has access privileges to the file and the directory that contains the file. Origin database service name AuthenticationServer is not provided Cause: Although it has some similarities to the previous Oracle SDO relational implementation, it is adtabase different.

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The specified OCI error occurred. Oracle Operating System Authentication and Configuration When you choose Orxcle authentication for a user, the user account is maintained by the Oracle database, but password administration and user authentication is performed by the Operating System OS. If I don’t log in using putty, then I simply get the same error message as MapInfo, which gives me error message whether I log on via putty mapihfo not.


If the log level is set to debug, the port number used by the Oracle Database Cache management engine is written to the log file.

Spatial Geometry types with Region Objects Only: When saving these records back to the database, you may lose some topological information as a result.

Resolve working with Oracle Spatial Tables

WTE Error updating list of users: I also cannot see what I am doing wrong in relation to what is on those pages. User string does not exist in cache. Unable to get necessary parameters for initialization Cause: This worked fine whilst I was on site at university.

When you add a new record to a remote Oracle table, MapInfo Professional locks the table, checks for the highest value of the Primary key of the table, increments it by one 1and then puts that value in the Primary key field. Failed to log on to origin database Cause: This may occur if the Oracle Database Cache management engine is already started or another application is using the port.

ORA file, can make use of it. WTE Error caching table string. If you have created a map that contains region objects only and you are trying to save to Oracle, this message displays: Failed to connect to the cache Is the cache stopped? Oracle Database Cache was unable to get the table size. Library Solution Area Contents Index.


Converting Unsupported Geometries in Oracle Some times when you are creating a Map in MapInfo Professional and you are databaes the results in Oracle you create maps which use geometries that are not supported: A call to the size package on the cache failed.

Table is not in cache Cause: WTE Client connection accepted.

Failed to get number of blocks from init. If you have created a map that might contain all of the unsupported objects and you are trying to save to Oracle, this message displays: Oracle Database Cache could not add a new data file.

Therefore, conversion from MapInfo Professional object to Oracle objects and the conversion from Oracle objects to MapInfo Professional objects may not be a one-to-one translation. Oracle Database Cache failed to log on to the origin database.