Snow Leopard – My apologies for the lack of clarification. I have not spent a ton of time with it yet though. You can Google a little and read, it seems to me that you are very confused on what does what. Pyrit on precomputed tables is, with no contest, the fastest.

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This blog will be from now on my favorites Dear anonymous, It’s the morning here. It will NOT be published.

I can’t seem to get KisMAC to export its rxtreme with a. I suppose the answer rest in your question: Not as nice as it could be if a few little tweaks were made to the software, but for a free product it remains the best WiFi sniffer for Mac OS X.

KisMAC + Airport/Airport Extreme in Passive Mode (Now Possible!) – Ars Technica OpenForum

Me March 30, at 1: Dang this computer is supposed to be good but what the heck? Been a good little card so far and cheap. Try to open multiple youtube video to maximize the traffic on the network.


Finally I guess my questions stem from whether this timeframe is normal when trying to snap a wep with little traffic in your experience. What might be the problem? RAA December 30, at 9: Mike, that’s a though one as I don’t know what you have captured.

I feel it must be obvious, I’m just missing it.

KisMAC + Airport/Airport Extreme in Passive Mode (Now Possible!)

Would there be a reason that I am not collecting any Injection Packets? Thanks for your support!

Then comes the Encryption Contact me here for details: Worked great for wep hack gonna try the wpa dictionary attack now The longest part is collecting the unique iv’s. The handshake is sent when a client connects to the AP.

KisMAC Airport Extreme Passive Mode (R75)

Morten February 25, at 6: Stephen Hill December 27, at 1: Sorry, im just curious. So Kismac recognizes it but will not connect to it in Preferences. The best description I have seen describes it as a flood of authentication kiskac, in the hopes of getting a responce that reveals part of the encryption key.


Do I have to start over each time the channel is changing? The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler. Trying to reinject on my wep.

My card is not right to do this? Why did it happen?

KisMAC free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Let’s start with unicast data. Anonymous Kisac 23, at 6: Just moved into a new apartment and there are 20 or so nearby networks taunting me, all encrypted most WEP, I won’t bother with the ones that have WPA encryptions. I’ve already deleted “org.