I too have a Surface Pro 3 and the first time I loaded all worked without a hitch Thanks for all the information you have provided! Got it downloaded fine but then got that nasty Hasp error. But all is good in my world again. H ” Thank you thank you. Installation went through normal software install and then it also had 3 updates to install. An error message is returned during subsequent API calls that use the previous handle.

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Thank you for posting.

Sentinel HASP/LDK driver

That’s the version I am most comfortable with. H ” I lost everything on my PC and had a local computer guru Help me get most of my work back.

An error message is returned during subsequent API calls that use the previous handle. H ” I have been having the same problem as above. Click here — This is the latest version – I assume this works but let me know.


H ” This worked great! I am an engineer and when I can’t figure something out, I cannot sleep. Yesterday, the computer did an update.

I followed your directions, and voila H ” Thank you for posting this solution. However, I am still getting the h error code. I have a windows based computer and windows 10 is installed and I could not get the dongle to be recognized once I installed the 5D Professional software.

Please enter the correct word.

Sentinel Downloads

H ” Thank you so much for this information! H ” March You saved my whole weekend of embroidery. Installing this did solve the H error. Doing an Uninstall followed by a Scan for Run-tome Hardware did not help.

How I solved “Unable to access HASP SRM Run-time Environment? (H)”

All to no avail. Kept getting the runtime error I found your page and used the “V7. H ” Thank you so much for the link to solve this problem, such a life saver. Click here — This version works. You are truly Santa this year.


H ” Worked like a dream which never happens. It loaded and shows that it is running.

H ” Thank you! H ” This problem occurred when I upgraded from Win8 to Win Any ideas or suggestions?

I took the chance and viola! It worked just as described.

Email is not required, but it must be valid if specified. Thanks so much for the instructions. H ” Thanks Gary, I upgraded my wife’s laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and the 4D Embroidery software failed for the title reason.