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I didn’t take 500x of the dash apart just removed the panel below the glovebox and there may be more gaps to fit it if you dismantle it further.

You don’t take out the CD changer normally; there’s a switch box for the Dension which allows you to switch back to the CD changer, and also hides the Dension from the car’s system when diagnostics are done.

Suddenly the Gatesay Gateway looks like it might be an option for me. Secure online payments, with added 3D security with card payments. You have no items in your shopping cart. I want desktop mode. Dension Gateway S BT allows music playback through the original head unit and speakers of the vehicle from iPod, iPhone, USB, AUX and android 050sis a fully integrated and invisible solution without changing the car’s interior.

PH – Most memorable drives. I went for the cheaper option and bought a Parrot kit Does it start playing immediately, or does have to catalogue the drive each time? Also, the Dension Gateway S BT xudio control over the devices connected, using the original head unit buttons or through the multifunction steering wheel.


The car configuration is set using dip switches. You just tap off this to power everything up.

Dension Gateway 500 MOST GW51MO2 Car iPod iPhone USB Adapter

Hiding the Dension box was the most awkward bit of installation, I found. Prev of 2 2 Next.

The programming is carried out by any Autologic equipped garage. As with other Gateways, it works by emulating the CD changer in most cases in the vehicle and makes use of the original radio controls. Edited by t8cmf on Thursday 23 August Browse cars for sale. Product Tags Add Your Tags: Mine have both been Tourings – the box is hidden behind the dash though, so exactly the same space as on the saloon. I want desktop mode I want mobile version All icons for the various trademarks on the website are trademarks of their unique owners.

Safety payment process guaranteed.

Gateway S BT | Dension

Not sure why your car audio specialist doesn’t like it. The program downloaded in about 5 mins. You need an Autologic equipped garage to recode the ECU to recognise the Dension kit but the functionality is awesome. How seamless is the iDrive integration? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Control over the devices connected, using the original head unit buttons or through the multifunction steering wheel if available Music playback from audio devices: Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming, listen the stored music of your phone via bluetooth streaming A2DP, with text display information of the music archives.


My car is an E92 M3 which comes standard with CD Preparation which means that the CD fibre optic cables are installed at build but the car is not coded for it if you don’t select CD Changer at the time of build.

Dension Gateway MOST GW51MO2 Car iPod iPhone USB Adapter

Reading through the info on Dension’s website, it seems to say that cars equipped with a CD changer don’t need coding – is that the case? For MMI High must be higher than To update please consult your Audi uadio. Or would it just mean that if any faults developed with the entertainment system, BMW would refuse to deal with it under warranty?

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