I have managed to install Windows 10 under TrueOS following these instructions but now I need to get PCI passthrough to work for it to be actually usable for me. I used the VNC to install the operating systems. Proceed through the installer and install Windows! Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Perhaps others have successfully found a work-around for this? If I try a clean install with the ISO and load the virtio drivers in the disk selection dialog, the VM crashes when the virtio disk driver is loaded the other common ones load fine, like NIC. Reply Are you sure this is for Windows 10 and not Windows 7?

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Windows 10 Virtual Machine on FreeNAS Corral with VIRTIO NIC

To expand a disk image file just pick a larger value and re-run truncate on it with the larger size: Windows 7 and up let you resize volumes on the fly from the Disk Management applet accessible in Windows 10 by right clicking on the Windows logo on the task bar. Yeah, it didn’t work out. This is what I got attempting install with VirtIO enabled.


These are the tests I did.

This should install the virrio and bring your networking up! Could not for the life of me to get bhyve working. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk. Sign up using Facebook. Thanks for your help! Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

HOWTO: Windows 10 Under Bhyve /w FreeBSD 11 – A-Team Systems

I just committed some basic documentation which should help you get going! Had this problem when trying freenas Windows 10 installing on a FreeBSD Like the FreeNAS plugins. I am running 3 windows VMs and a linux VM.

Have you been able to get PCI passthrough to work? I found the VNC console was broken again recently, be damned if I rfeenas figure out what’s wrong with it.

Pretty bad if this is the case since that bug you linked is 7 months old and still not fixed. Joined Jun 12, Messages 78 Thanks You can still greenas a VM an arbitrary number of CPUs, including less than this value 1, 2 or 3 will work and will show to the guest as a single physical CPU with that many core s.

Do you have any idea to change the value, or I have to accept the default value anyway?


Reply TigerVNC worked fine. Joined Sep 22, Messages 13 Thanks 1. So maybe it was wise on your part not to go deep into this topic. Reply How is the freenzs performance of Windows guests?

I’m running several linux vms without issues. I had something similar with my Supermicro board — no data, just clean build.

Windows won’t see it. I assume no one has managed to get the virtio drivers functioning in a Windows VM? You Can Resize Disks Windows 7 and up let you resize volumes on the fly from the Disk Management applet accessible in Windows 10 by right clicking on the Windows logo on the task bar.

FreeNAS virtIO/PCI passthrough LACP

I apologize for my English. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. After the last one, you’ll now see the disk.