In a frank reply, Rockbottomgolf said they do not. Or go to WalMart. A friend put it on his scale to check swing weight should have been D3 and it was so heavy it was off the scale. If I do happen to mishit a shot then I am still in position to get up and down to save par as opposed to blades where a mishit is???????????????? A top view of the same clubs — and again the fake is on the left.

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Why has no one commented on budgetgolf.

I did the magnet test to see if the face was titanium and tested the crown on my driver purchased from eBay and all checked out. Keep up the good work!!

When you look at the refunds page, it lists mysurbuy. Do you think if i got the G10’s adjusted to blue or yellow dot then i will see the same results? Step 4 Note the serial number and distinguishing features of the club.

How to Identify Ping Club Counterfeits

My co-worker bought from buyinggolfonline. Young man that started the company went to Purdue University and was a fraternity brother of a friend of mines son. Do the oing sales come in October or November? Anyone ever heard of or used officegolfshop. These are some of the easiest way to tell if the website is legit.


Fake? How to Know?

;ing I would recommend that no one buy new clubs on ebay as I would estimate that about half are fakes. The bit in the red circles is obviously different.

I ended up preferring the Tour Concepts and especially like that they are a heavier constant weight shaft that are also flighted. In fact the paint on the genuine had just worn away – a prime example of how costs are saved when counterfeits are being manufactured. A top view of the same clubs — and again the fake is on the left. Should of known considering that the irons are sold out at EVERY reputable store in my area including the few reputable online dealers.

Remember golf club manufacturers spends millions of dollars developing and researching their products to make what in pung end is a precision instrument.

I think otdays yellow color code is yester years blue color code. Hope someone can give me some feedback.

Its a shame people are willing to go to these measures to make a dollar. I was wondering If its easier to counterfeit forged or fqke irons and if its easier to counterfeit drivers vs irons. Thank goodness I did more research!!


I bet you typed y10 your Google search engine the worlds golf clubs g110 by such words as cheap, bargain, wholesale, really cheap, rockbottom, really super cheap. I got a reply that said will return emails on Monday I bought a D3 Titleist online. I actually took gake and hit a bucket of balls. Perhaps last years models.

Retail stores such as, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, and others must sign pricing agreements with the manufacturer before they are allowed to sell their clubs. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

To me it read more like an advertisement than a worthy news story. I fink the boss of both sites is a Mr Ping; they have named a golf club after him; send your money now. They seem to offer a pretty good deals.

The internet is awash with counterfeit golf clubs but fools still line up to make purchases which keeps these thieves in employmnent.

When I looked into it a bit more, I realised I was done over!