I pushed the ink cartridge to the right and hey presto – success! I wasn’t able to find the post he talked about but it was obvious the problem was with the ink cartridges being stuck. Without this post, I wouldn’t have found that white lever part at all. Need to get ink back in the jets with maintenance. Is the printer doomed?

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After following the suggestions, the post is now vertical and the paper jam message is gone. I wasn’t able to find the post he talked about but it was obvious the problem was with the ink cartridges being stuck. I am about to throw my printer out the window. Works on WF too!

I was going mad because I needed something printed in a hurry. I will add my thanks as well.

Used your instructions and was able to clear the problem on the first try. Thanks over and over. I was at my wits end trying to epskn it out. You are a genius. It took only minutes to epaon, and I am Not a Techie. If you leave the scanner bed open while restarting, you can see the whole power-on process in action, both in its failure state when the carriage is blocking the white lever and in its normal state.


Then, when I turn on the printer, the print head cannot move. In any case you saved me. Tried all of these, Noted the vertical problem with white button. I get the post in the upright position and then the printer starts going though it’s process and puts the post back down and gives me the error. Amerzilian on Apr 14, at 6: I have 2 ink clogs so I bought cleaning materials. Presumably that dislodged some debris or other, although I did not see anything.

Worked like a charm. Until I tried this. I had the same problem.

Epson WorkForce 600 Driver

June of and this thread still gettin the love As many have said A year after your post, elson solution to this problem is still saving some of us our sanity and our printer! The post must be in the up position or you will have a jam error. Happened when I turned the printer on after not using it for three months.


You cc363a me a few bucks. They make it worth the time to do the write-up. I was on the verge of smashing the printer on the floor.

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It is kind of amazing that 2 years later this post is still helping folks. Keep riding with the rubber on the road and the wind in your face. I found the little post, spson it was leaning slightly forward. Sites on the internet suggest that you need to release and move the carriage out of the way so you can put blotting paper down before using the cleaning fluid.

I see no paper jam there.