If I pull the 4-pin power connection off the mobo, the fans spin up and stay up, but I doubt the board is getting full power, and I don’t hear the speaker beep. That’s why i asked if you connected al the cables correct. I can’t seem to get customer support from the mobo mfg ECS , and the supplier I got this board from is horrible about returning calls when I call in, they are always “on the phone with other customers”. Joined May 24, Messages 1, 0. I tried to more changes today – I disconnected the speaker no change , and I purchased a really heavy-duty power supply, thinking that maybe the W PS might be related to the problem. I don’t believe I’m getting a full system power up though, since I get no signal to my monitor, nor does the keyboard seem to be getting sustained power.

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It is a new build, nfirce4m-a PS, case, mobo – everything. I’m hoping maybe someone on this forum can help me out. I’m attaching a photo, in the hopes that this might expose my problem. But I suppose if I get a replacement mobo I will have to deal with this anyway.

I’m curiouse if maybe since it was an AMD based system, if the PSU was special for the AMD mobo and processor could it nforce4m-q possibly shorted out the motherboard over the past month it was installed.


How about a problem with the CPU? In the meantime, I decided to order another mobo so that I could get up and running while waiting for the original to be repaired. Would having my various fans plugged into the wrong spots be causing problems?

Problem with power connection to ECS nFORCE4M-A mobo

Beyond the power supply connections for the peripherals, there are two main power leads coming nfoorce4m-a the power supply: Ahhh, now we’re getting somewhere. I guess it’s time to send this board back and try to get a replacement. The manual states that you should connect both the pin power supply and the 4-pin supply. Anyone have any thoughts?

Problem with power connection to ECS nFORCE4M-A mobo | TechPowerUp Forums

Joined Mar 4, Messages 11, 2. Did you look at this? New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. I don’t want to remove the CPU ma heat sink, since it would mess with the thermal grease coating that came on the heat sink.

So that leaves me with only two components I have not tried swapping out – the CPU and the memory.


The power supply it’s running is off an HP i recently baught and gutted for my new system. That’s why i asked if you connected al the cables correct.

Joined Oct 3, Messages 27 0. Recently it just stopped working. I only know it’s powering up because the various fans CPU, mobo, case spin up briefly. Joined May 24, Messages 1, 0. I will try moving the Nforcd4m-a and see if that makes a difference The fans spin up for about half a second, and that’s it.

RAM Memory 4gb ECS EliteGroup Mcp73vt-pm

So therefore, one of the rails can possibly be dead since you have no monitor output. Forums New posts Search forums.

Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. Uggghh, I was hoping we were onto a solution here I will reply back soon with my success or nfodce4m-a failure Can anyone offer suggestions! When that is rules out, it might be the PSU. Joined Oct 9, Messages 1 0. Joined Feb 7, Messages 1, 0.