Basically, you only want to buy something with a Texas Instruments TI chipset. The first issue – that of the number at the start of the name – is indeed related to the serial number of the interface. Best to keep it all separate in my opinion. Search reviews to determine if the card has the right chip; that’s how I ended up getting this pci-express card. If this query fails then “unknown” is substituted.

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The trouble is that high end multi converters cost a fortune.

auduofire This approach was debated at length several years ago and it was decided that the above was the best way to go. It’s not completely clear from the above if the firmware version trouble also affects your af12 instead of only the af8.

The new FW stack is certainly something to consider here since it is clearly the most obvious thing that’s changed. But now I can’t even start my audio engine. Thanks for your time! I was doing some googling earlier today, and it looks like 4.


Cool, I appreciate your input.

Echo AudioFire 8 – Linux – Ardour

PaulRH Prhunt Talk about your MIDI interfaces, microphones, keyboards I think I installed the XP driver version 4. I’ve had good experience with dreamstudio which is an audio-centric ubuntu version or AVLinux debian-based. Unfortunately I do not know the internals of the AudioFire interfaces well enough to know whether this configuration can be saved within the device for later recall, or must always be set from software.

If you download some of it, it will be in the form of a WinXP program, so you’ll have to boot XP to run it. Drumfix and 0 guests.

AudioFire 12

Hopefully the above is useful. Two things to watch for: You can download v 4.

Grama Lambo Luver And no, apparently I cannot flash the firmware back to 4. There are two issues at play with the names: I usually use 48 kHz anyway. Under linux it is still a no go, Jack crashes within seconds unable to read flash memory I read your http: I can see how the input ports are routed to each out and turn that off.


This would be my dream set up.

[ubuntu] Echo Audiofire 12 – not working

It’s not just the audiofire device which includes serial numbers in port names: If I get brave I’ll try some different firmwares to determine if I can solve the real problem of the driver querying the ports.

And also are most PCI firewire cards supported in Linux?

Do you have any success? At the current moment i am looking to build a home studio based on Linux to record full bands. Audiofire always connected and recognized immediately after the firewire moduled is loaded.

To test this the first thing I would do is obtain the latest stable kernel which is 2.

I don’t have that ieee cord problem. I use a Layla 3G on my Linux system.

Should I downgrade the firmware to 4.