Entry Description Database Pivotal Greenplum database name. Z Move to the new driver directory and execute the installer: Enter the required registration information at each prompt: Other By checking this box you consent to Progress contacting you by email about your response on this page. It provides the same options as the CLI installer and adds the ability to output the installation log to an external file. Enter your licensing information: Name to associate with the registration.

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Since the tool needs access to the Windows Registry, the CLI executable must be started from a user account that has the necessary permissions. Integration Services does not support data source table names and column names that contain spaces or special characters, such as a period. You can also view the DataDirect online help by clicking the Odc button in the Define Table dialog box.

If your connection fails, check the following for accuracy: YES Please enter the following information for proper odc. If necessary, permit the InstallAnywhere installer to run. If your text files are character-separated, type the character that is used as a delimiter in the Delimiter Character text box.

Easily load large volumes of data with application code or additional tools that slow performance. Telerik Reporting Navigate to Entry Description Database Pivotal Greenplum database name.


DataDirect Driver Documentation For more information on working with Data Direct, see documentation that is installed with the driver. The table name you define is the table name that will be displayed in the left frame of the OLAP Model main window. Choose options appropriate for your installation. High-Performance Easily load large volumes of data with application code or additional tools that slow performance.

Not finding the help you need? Get instant SQL connectivity to text files with a single connector Enable data integration with minimal components Retrieve data from compatible files quickly and easily.

ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® Reporting Documentation – Telerik Reporting

However, if all the drivers are selected for uninstallation, the tool will perform a complete uninstall and ldbc the whole directory, if there are no other subdirectories in it.

In the Data Source Name text box, type a name for the flat file data source. For example, you might type the following to describe the My Business database:. You can use the existing “Greenplum Wire Protocol” entry as a template.

If you specified in Step 11f that your text files were fixed-length or stream type, click the Parse button to display the Parse Table dialog box, where you define the table column names. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: If you select Character in the Table Type drop-down list in Step f, specify the character in the Delimiter Character text box.


Enter your licensing information: These components have dramatic effects on application performance, reliability and portability.

DataDirect ODBC Drivers for Pivotal Greenplum

Defines the drivers platform. NET or ODBC data provider, oddbc these providers usually require downloading, installing and setting up a 3rd party driver on the client’s machine, which makes the setup unnecessarily complicated. You have chosen the Greenplum Wire Protocol driver. For each table that you add manually, you must specify the data type, data mask where appropriatecolumn precision, column scale, length, and offset.

List of DataDirect ODBC files incorrect

Click Next at the Introduction screen to begin the installation. The drivers can be installed or uninstalled using a Windows Forms application, which makes the installation process more intuitive and convenient. In the Default Table Type drop-down list, select whether the text file is comma-separated, tab-separated, character-separated, fixed length, or stream.

Set the Max Long Varchar size. The argument value is a quoted comma-separated string, containing the shortened names of the drivers. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. You should see this driver in the License dialog box: Enter YES to accept the above agreement: