And what do you want to get at this price? Furthermore, in all 10 cases he differentiated one card from the other. To summarize, I will indicate the main features of the card: It is shown in comparison with the Live for demonstrativeness, the level was reduced by 6 dB for the Liva and the scale was enlarged:. The Atlas series of headsets was designed specifically for use in PC gaming.

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Classic music is much better played by the Santa Cruz. The difference is minor for the Live but rather significant for the Santa.

In general, the Panel is carefully thought up. I would like not to waste time on such midi but DOS gamers would be annoyed so let’s nibble at the subject also.

Santa Cruz sound card from Voyetra Turtle Beach

Its main advantages vpyetra as follows:. The main advantage of measurements is their objectiveness. And one more note. If you still would like to make an experiment with listening try to be as objective as possible.

The output is voyftra with two operational amplifiers from Texas Instruments I even did not suspect that the company’s products can be found among sound cards. Those who tutrle interested in TLVC can click on the link and read the detailed manual. Retrieved 21 December InTurtle Beach developed its first product, a hard disk based audio editing system. I did not tell him anything about the experiment, just gave him a sheet of paper and seated him so that he could not observe my manipulations on the monitor.


The more this range is, the more time is needed to notice audio imperfection when increasing the volume cruuz audio player. There is a tried metal screen inside each connector except for RearOut.

The Santa Crus reproduces music without noises but lifelessly and unnaturally as synthesizer does.

You did beafh mishear: I noticed only two drawbacks that are a poor “panorama” no sense of “volume” and some “dryness’ of sound though some individual like the latter. GO Team Eclipse Club”. Retrieved 23 December Retrieved 13 December Furthermore, taking into account the A-weighting, audio accuracy is estimated about bit!

Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

As a tribute to the fashion, “MP3” in large type is printed on the right. Of course, I don’t want to simplify anything and the Trutle Department should earn its keep anyhow. I know a lot of people who completely reject any measurement results when it comes down to sound. Noise increases up to dB but frequency response function tends to “white noise” if the Santa didn’t have such high second and third harmonics the card’s noise spectra would merge in the second case.


George noted which of the variants he liked more and why.

The card circuit is given below. Secondly, high tones were very pure and “ethereal”.

Turtle Beach Corporation – Wikipedia

I hold only one claim to the software: I admit I drubbed unintentionally this myth into my head: It would be more appropriate to test D-A and A-D chains separately as they support different processes. Santa Cruz secondary is a record through the second codec, “Second Analog Record”. Traditional signal-to-noise ratio SNR which exactly indicates noise level at Beacu conditions is omitted possibly tkrtle of its insignificance. As in chiromancy, a lot of can be recognized by a package.