No Hibernate specific features are used, so the library should also work with other providers e. The error message received wasn’t angry enough to alert me to my own folly! This time the error being Could not find chromedriver at ‘.. As an old developer I nearly choked when I read the Node devs “paradigm” that “disk space is cheap”. Change the directory and point to your current project folder and then “npm install”. The below part maybe irrelevant with this question, but might be helpful if anyone came across the same situation that I faced.

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This works for me.

Using the setAllowExternalReferences means that it will be possible to search for references that refer to these external references. Sometimes returning a Promise is simpler: The reason was the following: Fixed by restarting the process.

A common use for logical references is in references to conformance resources, such as ValueSets, StructureDefinitions, etc. Subversion can be obtained from subversion.

Building Apps and Services with the Framework — SitePoint

Also, for the error: Piyush Chordia 6 7. Azure won’t run multiple commands at the same time. It was using one of the oldest possible versions of Node and NPM possible, a version that my Gulp tasks weren’t supported on.


Just an error screen telling me the resource I requested could not be found. The resource providers do not ont implement any of the logic in searching, updating, etc.

There are much better ways of working with Views and Layouts in Hapi, though. I would also do a npm cache clean, just as a safety thing: If you’ve bought my book on building Shopify apps with Cthis series will be a great introduction to building Shopify applications with the world’s most popular programming language.

How do I resolve “Cannot find module” error using ? – Stack Overflow

Secondly, thee trying the below step, I faced a couple of other errors, and so, have written the solution of those too. Could you please elaborate more your answer adding a little more description about the solution you provide? Also we use the pm2 tool to deploy. Deployment echo Handling node. First, I edited the package.

In order to use this command with an Oracle database, you will need to invoke the CLI as follows:. The Migrate Database command can be used to perform a migration from lnstall version to the next.

In between each fix was about 30 minutes spent waiting for npm install to run it’s slower than molasses on Azuretrying to figure out what went wrong, and then attempting to fix it.


Thf this issue is still a problem in CLI v3. You can validate request params by adding config to the route object. I really want to understand what is going on here, but I’m at a bit of a loss as to where to look next.

Everything that went wrong when deploying my Node + Hapi app to Microsoft Azure

Real work, non-toy projects. Your selected Node version may not actually be your selected Node version. This solved an issue where Error: See the DaoConfig JavaDoc for information about the available settings. If the main field is not there, it defaults to looking for index.

HAPI Installation

Replace it with the code below, comment out the return lines one by one, and test the response in your browser. Copy all of the files in your repository to the site root.

Thinking this was just a weird, random error, I used the PowerShell terminal to run npm install again and then called gulp webpack to run the webpack task.