Otherwise, if you an error message such as the one shown below, double-check your root password and review the configuration settings above to make sure you entered everything correctly. They are in arrays and seperated by packages , libraries , helpers , config , languages and models. I would have loved to work that in, but of course namespaces are PHP 5. As we discussed previously, models help us represent our various types of data objects, such as a todo in this case. CodeIgniter instead has a feature called “Autoload”, which most other frameworks refer to as “Always-load” or “Eager-load”. All of the CodeIgniter developers in EllisLab that I knew from the old days have quit the company, so who is there to do it?

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I’m sure people will think I’m just wildly slagging CodeIgniter off, but I think its possible to respectfully highlight a products shortcomings without there being any hatred or resentment. Back in Lesson 5we discussed the MVC paradigm that our app will utilize. It would need a controller called “Events”, but there is a class called “Events” which is a library.

Absolutely not; and nobody is in a position to suggest that it is looking at you Shawn McCool. Your class files will be included “automatically” when you call init them without these functions: That not only seems like a slightly crazy solution, but would almost certainly confuse the large number of beginners in the CodeIgniter community that would not understand why their changes were not reflected instantly.


With the multidimensional array provided in the CodeIgniter, we can setup database for different environment. It is used for custom config files.

Because, according to the PHP doc. Written by Blog Logo. If you like CodeIgniter and it does everything you need then awesomecarry on.

Besides allowing us to represent data objects, one of the major responsibilities of a model is to interact with our database.

This drastically improves autoloading as you give the autoload class a pointer as to where it should be looking for this code, instead of how packages currently work: So instead I tried codeignitrr do a small change to the first if statement, like this: CodeIgniter database result retrieval using a loop. Why did I write shitty migrations for CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter Autoload | BSOURCECODE

Sign up using Facebook. In the given example, we are autoloading URL and file helpers. That’s happened three times already. And used for Auto Loading Resources globally throughout your application. Since I started using v1. However, you should always configure this explicitly and never rely on autoguessing, codejgniter in production environments.

In the given example, we are autoloading URL and file helpers.

CodeIgniter has had more bug fixes, tweaks, improvements and new features than any other version in history. The main reason – and I will repeat this over and over again until everybody is tired of hearing it – is that PHP is going through a massive change.


CodeIgniter – Configuration

Monolog, Symfony Console, Doctrine Common, etc are all used where needed to perform the tasks they were built for. The config directory contains the group of files which handle your application configuration.

Any ideas what I might doing wrong? The ideal solution would be to include the composer autoloader, but that won’t happen because the community in general has always been extremely against command-line utilities being used.

Thousands of companies of all sizes are using CodeIgniter so whatever happens the framework is always going to be around, but it will be exactly the same as it is now for years to come, which means you aren’t going to have to upgrade any legacy apps any time soon. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Simply visit the main welcome page: In continuation of our CodeIgniter tutorials, the next step we are setting up some basic configuration. Post as a guest Name. Typically, this will be your base URL, with a trailing slash e.