This goes into Boltek’s special PCI card where the signals are digitized for processing by software. So I just run lightning on the old computer while the new one runs all the other weather stuff. Only loading drivers that have been signed by Microsoft seems to be the result of this. I upgraded my weather computer and was bummed that the pci card didn’t fit. Data is uploaded to a central server, and triangulated with data from other members of the community to increase the accuracy of plotted data. Just have to save longer to purchase the LD

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The antenna is very sensitive to electro-magnetic interference.

Often, cloud-to-ground lightning bolts strike the highest object, like the top of a building or the top of a tall tree. Thunderstorm Ranging and Acquisition, or TRAC for short, is a sub-process in NexStorm that contains all the logic behind computing where thunderstorms are located and analyzing their characteristics.

Boltek stormtracker PCI is being discontinued

Special processing in software reduces the effects of strike-to-strike energy variations providing more accurate distance information. This however is not very reliable because the signal strength of various strokes occuring at the same exact distance will vary a lot depending on released energy. More details to follow. Its a total shame too. pic

Boltek stormtracker PCI is being discontinued. We are able to generate the following detailed plotting of storms around Western Europe, with the map centered on the Isle of Wight.


Live storm data from Newport, Isle of Wight from a Boltek StormTracker lightning detector

While the StormTracker can only detect 1 stroke at a time, it can detect up to 3, to 3, strokes per second. TRAC will periodically generate a report based on current activity.

It boletk of a crossed loop magnetic field sensor and electric field sensor.

This means that there are positive and negative charges within different clouds and the strike bpltek in the air between them. Usually the process takes place within the cloud and looks like a bright flash of light which flickers.

Boltek StormTracker PCI – How it works

Did you miss your activation email? For an auto refreshing image, click here. Our StormTracker is mounted indoors, approximately 13 feet off the ground. To determine polarity positive or negative the software looks at the electric field at various points in the waveform.

The card is not produced any longer. What I would like to know, is how to test the antenna? You can view the results of the real-time analysis in the TRAC report. Please login or register.

An interesting academic exercise, but without a test spec and schematic I don’t think it’s a solution to the problem. You can use a piezo electric sparker goltek to this https: To install cpi drivers, old unsigned drivers etc, I had to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows Without this software, the Boltek StormTracker would be practically useless.


OK, seems that I must forget about this unit, since I do not know if the problem is the antenna New: Which values, what kind of signals are sent in the ethernet cable?

Use the StormVue map to find boltfk of lightning strikes occurring, then use the density plot to see where the thunderstorms are. This occurs between oppositely charged centers within the same cloud.

Did you miss your activation email? Although we strive to get accurate data, this lightning data is only approximate and should not be used bolteo safety applications. The antenna is typically mounted ten to twenty feet above the ground, away from large metal objects and sources of electrical noise such as televisions and computer monitors.

Their other two options are so expensive. At the beginning of August we upgraded to an even faster dedicated server, with a faster data connection to improve our free service. Enter your name and email address below:. Because StrikeStar uses a network of detectors, strokes which appear on CarterLake.