This boosts safety and privacy, as the biometric data never leaves the scanner unless explicitly required by the user Integration and Development SDK Fx can be integrated in third party applications in two different ways: Sensor Name Atmel FingerChip. Furthermore, the higher is the resolution, the more details can be located in the fingerprint pattern. TWAIN driver for image acquisition. The keyboard requires two connections: U The U. Buy Scanners from Biometric Supply Website.

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Fx is a new smart scanner capable of processing and recognizing fingerprints on board Match-on-Board. Our team will step you through all the basic attendance management system features and modern attendance management system features.

NCheck Bio Attendance

Fx SC is compliant with Windows and Linux operating systems. Fx driver also provides a TWAIN interface that enables the acquisition of fingerprint images through any software that supports this standard interface. Password Bank provides a safe way for storing pairs of usernames and passwords inside the Fx scanner or inside biometriia smart card.

The pictures on the right show, at the same scaletwo images from the same finger: This scanner is intended for professional use. Fx is the ideal solution for digital signature biometrically enabled applications: You will notice that your employees can work with the system so easily.


U fingerprint scanner is a self-contained sensor for capturing a fingerprint and communicating the digital image to PC via USB interface.

This is key Windows compatible keyboard with a buildt-in U. Furthermore, the higher is the resolution, the more details can be located in the fingerprint pattern. Scanner Name Verifier LC.

TWAIN driver for image acquisition. Please note, that Atmel FingerChip is a whole family of fingerprint sensors.

Biometrika Fx2000

Password Bank is a Biometric Single Sign-On solution that fully exploits the Fx features storage, match on board and cryptography. The on-board electronics control image capture, latent fingerprint rejection, self-calibration, and the Plug-n-Play USB interface.

We will contact you to schedule a time for demonstration. Fx can store internally, in a safe area, templates, files and passwords and is able to perform cryptographic operations. The keyboard requires two connections: Fx is available also as OEM version without the external cover ; the OEM scanner is suitable for integrations in third party devices. Fx can digitally sign RSA a document by using a private key stored internally or on a smart card once the key owner has been biometrically authenticated.


Biometrika Fx2100

Please, refer to “A technical evaluation of fingerprint scanners” for more technical details on this topic. This sensor can operate with VeriFinger 4.


Encryption and Digital Signature Fx has several cryptographic capabilities. Please, contact us for more details. This 20000 can operate with VeriFinger 4. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge. Furthermore, the higher is the resolution, the more details can be located in the fingerprint pattern.

Biometrika – Fingerprint scanners for system and network log on, access to programs, e-documents

In fact, a large sensing area improves recognition performance since a larger number of minutiae can be detected see minutiae and the overlapping area of two fingerprint images, taken in different moments, is significantly maximized. By continuing to use this website you agree to our privacy policy.

FX contains 32 bit RISC biometrikka for encrypting fingerprint data, controlling gx operations and other operations. Supported Scanners We are always looking for scanners’ manufacturers to include the support for their fingerprint scanners to our products. Blind acquisition Live showing the captured images is a valid help at acquisition time to better adjust the finger position and pressure.