Some times i receive a lot of that messages. If your desktop environment doesn’t handle the volume keys by default, you can probably configure it to e. Note that if your Eee PC is running a different kernel version than your build machine, you will need to install the linux-headers and linux-kbuild packages corresponding to the Eee PC’s kernel, and use the -l option to specify that version when you invoke module-assistant. This one is from my new ubuntu install. If you do not follow this step, you will cause conflicts. This is apparently a “known design feature of the power management hardware” and the Intel DRI devs Chris Wilson et al.

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See also Hibernation and perhaps more importantly Ztl2 without swap partition Graphical boot This splashy package will enable a graphical status boot screen for your EEE, which is far pretier than that bunch of characters linjx up the screen OK, for a server, not for a mobile workstation.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. I have tried modprobe atl1 and continues without load the driver. Sorry, I meant linux-ubuntu- modules- 2.

atl2 bug on the eeepc: txs packet size do not coinsist with txd

VertRefresh” linu are commented out or removed from the “Monitor” section and set “Virtual ” in the “Display” subsection of your “Screen” section, e. Become root and type the following commands to enable camera in the BIOS: Or at least I find that it does; it’s to do with the X session not having been registered in utmp.


I resolved the issue by downloading the latest driver from http: To post a comment you must log in. That is a Kubuntu Remix. For example, wget http: I didn’t have to edit eeepc-acpi-scripts, because with a new alsa the channel is named properly. The only glitch is that I have to quit memory-hungry linuz like Iceweasel before attempting hibernate, as otherwise the swap space is not enough. However, cpufreq is unaware of the S.

atl2 bug on the eeepc: txs packet size do not coinsist with txd | 6log

Compiz works for me with xfce, but its a bit choppy rotating the cube to a workspace that has opened programs on it. That’s why the Hotkey event is correctly handled, but the acpid action works on the?

But trying from another pc the internet connection is ok. You’ll have to enable -proposed, then download and install the package for your architecture. L2 Mbit Ethernet Adapter rev a0 With the log: If you have a fresh install, this should just work.


In my dmesg i have a lot of this message: It may not work with KMS. Sorry, the lspic-output in my previous post is wrong: I still have a minor annoyance: I’m not sure whether people had success with the attached patch.

Nominated for Intrepid by Jayson Reis. Sergio Zanchetta primes2h wrote on I was successfull with usplash, no vga option needed.

Please try linux-ubuntu- modules- 2. My attansic driver is detected with “wlan0” and no “eth0”. Performance is not that great as it was before linuux. To connect at website or other service i writed a script in bash: Since so many people reported this bug on Hardy me tooI believe it is more accurate to give this bug a “Confirmed” status.

CONFIG_ATL2: Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet support

With Intel graphics, the panel’s native mode will be selected as soon as the i module is loaded if KMS is active. Indeed, the config file I got after a clean install had ‘platform’ as the shutdown method. I have sent a patch upstream to hal lists.