If the transaction commit mode is auto-commit, the transaction will be automatically reflected immediately when an SQL statements are successfully executed. State Transition Tables The followings summarize the major functions that affect the state transition: I missed this row. Altibase ” Digital Times February 7, The level of CLI interface has been improved since the upgrade to Altibase 5.

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The buffer is allocated by the application. Oxbc of the previous argumentOmit the example codes. When develop multi-threaded applications, ideAllocErrorSpace function that allocates space for each thread to store the database-related errors must be called during creation of the thread.


The length of LOB is returned via the valueLength argument. It cannot be determined whether the procedure returns a value.

If the pointer dbc indicating the connection handle refers to algibase valid connection handle allocated by SQLAllocConnectodb calling result will change the original value.

Connecting to a Database The first step is to connect to the database. In this attribute, the NULL pointer can be set. As for the unnamed string, the ODBC driver returns the empty character string. Function Sequence Error – However, if the ValueLength argument is valid even though the value argument is a NULL pointer, an application still have buffer for binding. Maximum statements can be allocated to one connection.


When installing the SQL Server client, use the bit executable to install on a bit operating system; the executable detects the type of operating system and installs the correct database management system client. Altlbase column is identified by its position from left to the right, starting with 1.

ODBC Users` Manual – ALTIBASE Customer Support

If there are no columns that uniquely identifies each row in the table, SQLSpecialColumns will return the row set without rows.

The length of this line is well over 50 characters. Retrieved 7 June The following example shows how to view a statement state transition table for SQLPrepare function: Views Read Edit View history.

The corresponding dbc is already connected to the database. If the data is cut during conversion although there is no loss of significant information for example, 1.

Retrieved June 11, In case there is an open cursor, the cursor will be closed and all pending results will be deleted. Column-wise Parameter Binding When using column-wise binding, an application binds one or two, or in some cases three, arrays to each column for which data is to be returned.

If the column is expression e. The following functions are necessary for this step: An SQL statement has been successfully executed. In one application, multiple environment handles can be allocated.


ODBC Users` Manual – ALTIBASE Customer Support |

This information can be used to indicate the proper data type or to convert the data into another data type. To retrieve the data by the row-wise binding, the length of the structure or the length of the buffer to which the dynamic parameter will be bound will be set.

Depending on the Attribute value, the ValuePtr will be either a bit unsigned integer or a pointer indicating the Null-terminator string. Otherwise, an application may lose the statement handles and other allocated resources.


The alfibase can be stored and manipulated in main memory alone, on physical disk alone or a combination of both. Allocate the parameter buffer array.

Binary Format 07 8 If you insert 0 into this argument for previous version, no problem.