I’m trying to find what the raw MIDI command that is doing this. Compared to the PC88 the action didn’t feel quite as sturdy, even though both are made by Fatar. Beginner with no luck question. Since the MIDI data seems to be moving ok between the QS and your computer, it might be a simple matter of double checking the audio connections from the QS to whatever powers your speakers. A sustain pedal jack and two assignable pedal inputs are included on the rear panel.

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After all the discussion about the QS8, Alexis thought that some might appreciate a review from an impartial party no disrespect, Dave. Matt mnmoore usa. I don’t know if this is necessary with other synth’s, but it is with the Alesis QS8. Im using an Alesis QS8.

Alesis QS8 64 Voice Expandable Synthesizer – Alesis – Encyclotronic

The General Midi sounds I heard were very respectable. The QS8 is undoubtedly a powerful and flexible synthesizer capable of creating rich sounds – both acoustic and electronic. Perhaps Dave will enlighten us. Weight is about 50 pounds, which is impressive considering that the power supply is internal.


Welcome to the wonderful world of MIDI! Using Alesis’ new Sound Bridge 2.

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The QS8 features a full-size key, weighted, hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch and release velocity, resulting in a very authentic piano-like feel. MIDI Monitor is free to download and use. This makes it easy to find similar sounds. Delay, Decay, Sustain, Release.

The QS7 is a mid-sized note keyboard version with semi-weighted keys for players who need that realistic miidi at a more affordable price. What am I missing?

Community-powered support for Alesis. Check EMU if they offer any for download. Your browser does not support the audio element.

You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Manual Alesis have made manuals and program charts for many of their products available on-line, for free download as. The front panel buttons are of the soft variety, which I’m not crazy about – I’m never sure if I’ve pushed hard enough.

My first impressions of the action weren’t as favorable as I was expecting them to be, after all I’d heard. The included Alesis footswitch was of the always-crawling-out-from-under-my-foot cheapo plastic variety, which I hate, but piano style footswitches are cheap enough.

Alesis QS and MIDI playback | Cakewalk Forums

Mac OS X Version I returned a Kurzweil PC88 a few mixi ago because I heard the great press about the QS8 only a week after the purchase and didn’t want to get behind the curve so quickly. I’m surprised this slipped through. These features include the partitioning of cards in order to store samples, qa8, and standard midi files on the same card.


QS8’s extensive master controller features include four fully-assignable real-time control sliders as well as pitch and modulation wheels. It can watch both incoming and outgoing MIDI streams, and can filter them by message type and channel.

Images from Perfect Circuit Audio. I’ve been nodding my head over this one sound.

Alesis QS8.1 and MIDI playback

This program bank will appear in the synth as an additional card bank of programs. It was easier to play fast runs and trills cleanly than it was with the Kurzweil. Using Alesis’ new Sound Bridge 2. The digital out was mii, as was a BNC connector labeled 48kHz, though I’m not really sure what it’s for.