Middle Paper JamPlease take out paper as below: No CurrencyIf there is no power, please check as follows: MaintenanceIn the first paper feed section, the pressure between the paper rollers and the separator transports thepaper to second feed part. Printing Position AdjustmentPrinting position is still adjustable after master making. ErrorPower Safeguard Turn off the power and turn it on in 10 seconds. Open drum locked switch ,take out the drum; Press master-making key ,and make master again.

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The clearance between the paperseparation base unit and the paper feedsupport plate can be adjusted by theadjusting bolt.

Max. B4 Original & B4 Master Digital Duplicator (RD-3608)

No CurrencyIf there is no power, please check as follows: Plug the USB cable into the printer and the computer. Or the box might be full, please remove the wasted master. After master making and print are completed, more operations can be executed on the control panel.

Press master-making key ,and make master again. Operate the print command according to the computer operation system.

Changing displayed hours G3608

Press disposal master box switch, and open that box tomax;2. I think it woud be good if Cat had an alternate field that would allow a customer to keep the accumulated hours and also have a zero hour when the engine is rebuilt for a new life. Select Printer, then click Next: Master-off Motor Check disposal master box feeding mouth jams or not, if not, contact Service Dept.


kainto Place the paper onto the feed tray when feed tray elevatorstops descending;2. Ink Replacement———————————————————————63 Master Replacement——————————————————————65 Taking out Disposal Master———————————————————67 Printing Paper Replacement———————————————————69 Check the second option.

Middle Paper JamPlease take out paper as below: You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Connect the paper roller shaft to the connecting bolt. Also it is like the serial number of the engine, which is stamped into the cylinder block of an engine or into the frame of a tractor.

Caterpillar – Changing displayed hours G – Online Community

Please refer to the instruction of driver installation for cable connecting and setting. All of the indicatorare off Except save energy indicator light ;2. Operation manual-RD, Published by pingaleanku Open drum locked switch ,take out the drum; 81 4.

It shows drum is back to stop position;6. Connect the USB cable;3.

Clear the master manually, rotate drum to its stop position, and make sure the block in the groove;6. We all know that engines can be rebuilt more than once and do run through several rebuilds sometime. Press any button to exit from save energy mode.


Thefriction pad will be worn after a number of sheets are fed, and it need to be replaced. No Drum Please relocate the drum. Close original paper receive tray;4. Right Paper JamPlease take out jam paper as below: Hello everyone, we just recently completed an engine swing on one of my ‘s and before we pulled the old engine I used ET to copy the configuration file of the old ECM so as to reprogram the new ECM on the swing engine.

Open drum lock switch ,take out drum;3. Take out remainingmaster jammed in the thermal ainto. The screen now displays Hardware Type. Place the paper and lift up paper lock lever.