Otherwise, you’ve got to lie it on its side on something or stand it in a blob of chewing gum Apart from the fact that they’re cheap, tiny lightweight cameras make it easy to play with goofy photographic ideas. If you’ve got no digital camera and someone buys you this one then it’s indubitably better than nothing, although it really won’t be any use to you for anything but close-ups if the focus of the one I got is representative. The AipTek PenCam Trio HD is a multi-purpose gadget that includes an HD video The very best feature of this gadget is the included software that installs when you I keep task manager open all the time, I get claustrophobic when there’s. To record a video clip you need more capable software, and Hercules oblige with the perfectly all right Video Studio SE, which is yet another Ulead product. It gives you a live preview of what the camera’s seeing, but just so that you can grab frames from it. If your camera won’t take a picture at all, though – and PenCams won’t, in anything but quite bright light – then your photographic output is going to be, ah, minimalist.

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Emphasis on the oughtthere – see the image tests below I shot the same scene in both modes, and then compared it with the VGA version which had just been scaled up by a factor of 1. Yes, children – this utility has a simple Save All button that just dumps everything from the camera to a folder.

Apart from the fact that they’re cheap, tiny lightweight cameras make it easy to play with goofy photographic ideas. Holding the mode button down for a couple of seconds turns the VR 2 off; if you don’t press a button for 30 seconds, the camera automatically turns pnecam.


Aiptek PenCam 2 Manuals

Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution. You get the camera, its USB lead, a clip-on weighted stand, a vr22 pouch with a belt loop on it, and a wrist strap. Which you probably can’t afford to do, when you’re starting out with the product of a super-cheap image sensor and every little bit of image quality’s valuable.

The Ultra is rather thicker than the other PenCams, and so its viewfinder needs another plastic lens element in the middle, which adds some amusing reflection artefacts to your view. The secret of great photography is very large amounts of bad photography.

The DualPix lens assembly looks like a webcam’s – you can turn it to focus, and it’s got a chunky rubberised surround to make that easy, as well as protect the tiny lens itself from damage. That’s the good news. Camcorder Features Widescreen Video Capture.

Aiptek PenCam Voice VR2 Plus – digital camera

If you don’t want sound at all, hold the mode button down for a few seconds and the DualPix goes into silent mode. Aiptek pencam manager download Willie unapplausive debut professional video capture software download remnant and.

One thing I like about Wix is that no matter where you are on aiptek pencam B. Inside, it’s nothing if not tight-packed. Daftar Harga Camera Digital. Included Memory Card Capacity. On the plus side, blurriness means good compression; an unexciting blurry pan around my computer room gave me a 6.

These let you store titchy VGA-resolution images as kilobyte files, which look no better auptek a 50k or smaller JPG. But the exposure’s all right, and the colour isn’t too bad either. Aiptek is the gobal leader of mobile projector provider.


Cheap digital camera comparison – Aiptek PenCam VR 2 and PenCam Ultra versus Hercules DualPix

Here are some by excerpts of the results. Lithium polymer – manufacturer-specific. The stand has a neat little slot to allow the neck-strap cord to exit.

It won’t hear a person talking in a normal voice unless they’re only a few inches away from it, but it seems to be really good at picking peencam extraneous noise. I was interested to see what the Ultra’s little battery looked like, so I cracked the camera’s case.

Aiptek PenCam HD Trio – camcorder – internal flash memory Series

It remembers that it’s in silent mode when it’s turned off, too. Smart Home by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, Would you like to make a calendar? Here’s the PenCam Ultra’s view of the vr low light test scene.

Hercules’ page for the DualPix. This low light picture’s taken with the default infinity focus setting, and it’s rather fuzzy, but the DualPix’s large image capacity means it’s very easy to tweak the focus a little, take a picture, tweak it some more, take another, and so on. PenCam Manager shares one highly irritating feature with the software for a variety of other tiny-cams.