User Tools Log In. Well, still interesting, specially in the future when more options will be added. Waiting for Vulcan to come to X-Plane With Vulkan, the CPU load is lower also multi-threaded? On most computer systems, the CPU is not the bottleneck. Manage book 0 page s. Jeff, As a follow up to my non starting AeroflyFs2 problem I updated my Nvidia driver to the latest

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Enabling Aerofly’s vsync with my Radeon RX still doesn’t work i. Table of Contents Graphics settings. Aerofly FS 2 is an excellent simulator, stunning graphics and very realistic and unique representation of the scenery. I had considered upgrading the graphics card and also the complete computer but need to check out Aerofly2 before spending too much as this will be the only Flight Sim that I will use.

Thanks a lot Rob, Very strange results to be honest. Register a new account.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Rob, probably I didn’t explain well myself. You need an Intel HD or higher. Repaints and Previews Tutorial.


Will FS2 Vulkan leave behind slightly older computers?

Exiting Aerofly FS 2. Question How I can increase the performance at my computer? This machine previously ran FTX, Prepar3d etc with a lot of Orbx scenery additions without any problems, so to me it seems pretty capable. Is there any way to dial this back?

Graphics settings

The same is for the Quadro FX Donate to our annual general fund. In window mode you can scale the window size to the size that you want. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. So, whether vulkan is everything you expected or not I can confirm that the core OpenGL renderer is much better than it was and a performance improvement is clearly seen.

Posted October 25 edited. OpenGL rendering is the core standard graphics rendering system for Aerofly FS2, choose this setting if you are seeing better performance than Vulkan or you are having problems in general running the beta Vulkan rending engine. This may very well be your problem. And of course P3D ppengl their updates coming also. Join Our Active Community. Manage book 0 page s. But I really would like to know why this program doesn’t seem to even get past the opening code line, there is a possibility that the start options page displays for a fraction of a second prior to the program crash.


Yes, that would be aefofly. Sign In Sign Up.

Will FS2 Vulkan leave behind slightly older computers? – General discussions – IPACS Aerofly Forum

Also Vulkan won’t give that many benefits compared to how we previously used OpenGL. Question Which graphic cards can I use for aerofly or easyfly? We will continue to ‘tweak’ things under the hood to get everything right for a public update release soon.

Not noticeable change for me on my system. I haven’t really tested Vulkan on my laptop, only on my desktop, which I use also for VR flights. Thanks for your time.

I admit that I don’t know enough to make full sense of the article.