Ubuntu started applying updates right after booting — this was a shock because the TM had connected itself to the Net before I had even configured anything! It looks and feels like a machine that costs double or even triple, and it comes in at just the right size for a truly mobile computer. TravelMate Specs view large image. Because of the similarities between the Aspire N WXMi-Linux and the TM I am actually going to test this notebook with a current Linux distribution Ubuntu to gauge the viability of that operating system for the average user. Size is not a problem for the TM; it is small enough to slip into almost any laptop bag. Although it is a budget drive, some of the latest features are present including shock protection and noise reduction. There is a Bluetooth button on the TM but this feature is not implemented.

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The best devices come from vendors that can buy in vast bulk quantities and who can make their own chassis or order massive numbers of them from suppliers.

2428anwxcii Here is what I was able to squeeze from PCMark I must mention the power supply unit that comes with the TM For this test I selected Ubuntu 6. That also tends to be more of a consumer feature but it is handy to have a SD or Compact Flash card reader to transfer files.

Acer TravelMate NWXCi Notebook PC

trafelmate This result was a big surprise to me. The only question mark 2428anwdci longevity — can you get three years from it? Front side view view large image Back side view view large image Left side view view large image Right side view view large image I am quite fussy about keyboards and the TM did not let me down.


Every once in a while I seem to have this same problem with Battery Eater.

The keyboard on this model 2428annwxci nicer than that of the Ferrari WLMi. This CPU uses clock throttling to save power when your workload does not require full processing power. Acer has equipped the TM with a lovely Fan noise is no problem when running on AC power you will hear a soft fan blast when the unit powers onand the TM quiet and cool when running from battery.

These utilities include restore, security, performance tweaking and presentation tools to name a few. It spins at rpm and has a 2MB cache. The battery is small and this will limit how productive you will be when you are away from wall power. Sure, there are some sacrifices here no doubt about it. Specifically, there were fewer instances of slow screen refresh and jumping between open applications was a much more responsive.

As a former skeptic, I am beginning to come around. The battery is a basic mAh unit with three cells. I expected that a small battery like this one would mean approximately two hours on battery power.

The base is not quite as stiff as the Ferrari, but the keys feel better. TravelMate Specs view large image. One trend that we are starting to see is that only the biggest manufacturers can really compete at the lowest end of the price spectrum.


The ram will only be sufficient for users that keep a maximum of two or three applications open at a time and keep the number of running background services as low as possible. A first timer might find the process a little frustrating.

And for larger companies looking at the TM, a Linux version would be like buying the notebook without OS. Acer configuration utilities running view large image. The software does a good job of conveying progress. With a good carbon fiber lid decal you could fool people into thinking that this is a much more expensive notebook. GIMP on the Acer under Linux view large image It has been a couple of years since I gave Linux a go, and I must say that the improvements made by the legion of volunteer programmers around the world who work on Linux are immediately apparent.

Imagine how long a bigger battery would last.

Acer TravelMate 2428 Review — A Look at What You Get With a Budget Laptop These Days (pics, specs)

In the box view large image. Hard drive space is partitioned into three sections.

Also, you are prompted to create your restore disks. Sponsor ware, if you are not familiar with it, is software that a company pays the PC maker to have installed.