No license is granted or implied for any other use. Press and hold to reject an incoming call. Showing Your Phone Number M This lets you control whether to show your phone number when calling another party or not. Place the cursor in the message field. When you exchange entries with other devices, the date and time displayed may be different to that of the original data depending on the data format of the receiving device. Highlight the desired phone number. Microphone for the viewer position of the display

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Enter a phone number to which you wish to divert calls or search for it in the Contacts List p.

Select the desired schedule entry. Further collection facilities are listed on the homepage of www.

Chipography – Level 1 Teardown on the Sharp SH UMTS Cellular Phone

To unlock, press and hold P. Voice clips are saved in AMR format.

The alarm sounds on the selected day of the week at the specified time. Select the input mode Abc, ABC,abc. Continuous Shoot There are various modes for taking continuous shots. Call quality may deteriorate leading to shortened talk-time and standby time because the mobile phone has to operate on a higher power level than is necessary.


The light turns on if the phone detects that the conditions are dark. Sets the size of the browsing font.


Enter the currency conversion rate. Unplug the charger from the AC outlet, then unplug the charger connector from the phone. 903eh all entries for the selected week. Press d to display the list from the memory card and c to return to the handset memory. Adjusts the setting of cookies.

System Requirements Operating System: Select hsb desired repeat option. The cursor moves the same as in the normal position of the display by using V and W.

To take a picture in the Self-Portrait position You can take a self-portrait with the external camera. Simply press Y to take pictures, and start ksb stop recording.

Selects a WAP page.

Replacement USB Data Cable for Sharp 903SH

To ensure no such problem occurs, please check with your dealer or car manufacturer before connecting uzb phone.

Table of Characters Pressing each key scrolls characters in the following order. You can also register the address of the Web site as a bookmark. Call Log M 9 The phone will record the last 30 missed calls, received calls and dialled numbers.


Please check with your service provider for availability. Press c uzb d to change the time zone. The application is suspended automatically, and you can receive a call or a message, or the alarm will sound.

Continues playback in the selected folder. Please note that this will not have any impact on any of the features or on performance. Used electrical and electronic equipment must be treated separately and in accordance with legislation that requires proper 930sh, recovery and recycling of used electrical and electronic equipment.


The image through the sub camera is displayed and sent to the caller. There was a problem completing your request. Information on Disposal for Users private households 1.