Similar Threads – Help Intel Want to use my Anti-asus logo? Just enable it before starting game and start game with it. I went to win7 only because drivers and gaming, and everything works great: I installed windows 7 only because of modded drivers: So I don’t know how drivers works on it:

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Anonymous June 8, at Dell inspiron Windows 7 ultimate Bit…. Legend mh intel mhd modded, at 6: Mclightning88 April 26, at 1: When I go to uninstall the driver, a window pops up and it says: For reference, according to HERE a M should be maxxing out with pts don’t know what config was used for that with a average of pts.

Help with Intel 4500 modded drivers

We have no qualms voiding warranties on a thousand dollar item the day we get it. Alex January 4, at Anonymous April 25, at 9: I’m trying to fine tune the revised driver again as I mistakenly deleted the wrong drivers and the best I can re-tune the drivers to is about pts in 3DM06 so far.


Legend May 24, at 6: Is it better or worse with this modded driver? Is it worth it if i upgrade my ram to 4gb from 2gb, I have a mhd card, will there be a big increase in game performance??

Hmm, I think i need to obtain a Win7 installer: Thanks for your reply anyway. Is it better or worse with this modded driver?

That’s exactly what this card needs. Similar Threads – Help Intel By the way it does worth installing Win7 just because of the modded drivers?

NEW! Modded Driver For Intel GMA m Only! | INTEL GMA USER

But solution is always different. Mkdded Wany November 26, at Yes, my password is: Hi, all about CoD4 is here http: It ran in mine I need the x64 bit version link. I tried to download the file, but none of the link you provide is working. I don’t use Win8. Then install again, and see. And Mass Effect wouldn’t work with normal drivers at all!


Thank you so much.

Help with Intel modded drivers | NotebookReview

Want to use my Anti-asus logo? Share This Page Tweet. How can I stop that driver from automatically moddded after I remove the existing one?

I just updated it because there was a newer release and i thought “hell yes”, but since i updated it every game except Minecraft keep crashing saying that I need to update my driver.

Anonymous June 1, at 7: